Collaborating with Aliento

It is always possible to enrich the Aliento database by adding Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Latin proverb collections (…); Maghrebian, Judeo-Spanish, Morisco, Andalusian proverb collections; Arabic and Hebrew sapiential texts that circulated in the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages; Castilian, Catalan,  Provençal and Ancient Portuguese proverb collections (…). The scholars who wish to add a text and / or annotate it following the ALIENTO methodology may do so. The annotated proverbs will then be matched to the ones contained by the current database.

We hope that this database will become a reference website for sapiential literature composed of sayings, sentences, maxims, proverbs, etc.

We also invite the specialists in computational sciences, who might be interested, to improve or develop the tools for similarity search, for results visualization, or for automatized annotations (lemmatizers, crossed dictionaries, transliterators…)

Just contact the scientific administrators of the website by writing to or directly to Marie-Sol Ortola and Marie-Christine Bornes Varol