Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the language of the platform

Scrolling menu at top right

How to search for a word in a full text

Search Tab, then Full Text

How to search for the BSS close to a known BSS

Example: “The sage is humble” or “the friends of my enemies are my enemies”
Search Tab and then Similarity

How to search for the BSS relating to one or more concepts or terms

Example: “Anger”
Search Tab then Brief Sapiential Statement. Heading Sense
The search can be done either:
– in the literal sense
– in the figurative sense
– in the lesson
– by using one or more keywords
– by combining different search fields.

How to search for a statement by combining a notion, a concept or a term and a word of the literal sense

Example: keyword: woman and a word of the literal sense “tree”
Enter “tree” in the literal sense and select “woman” from the scroll-down list of keywords (Beware, in the English list, the keywords do not follow the alphabetical order usual in English. For practical purposes, we have kept the alphabetical order of the French keyword list)

How to search for all the BSS close to a BSS contained in a particular text

Example in Texts, “Kitab adab al falasifa” chapter 14
Click on .إنّ في ذهاب الذاهبين لعبرة للقوم الغابرين
The BSS appears in the right-hand side column. Click on the BSS and its various annotations will appear (Sense, Formal structure). Click right below on the Similarity list.

How to find the text and the context of a statement

Click on the [arrow within the small square on the right-hand side of the BSS – icon navigate to,
The BSS appears highlighted in the text (middle column). The chapter is indicated at the top of the text.

How to visualize all the annotations of a BSS

Select a BSS in a text,
Click on the box in the right column,
Click on “Raw data” at the very bottom.

How to find a BSS with its references

Example: “bocados#VII-X-2#eno_11383”
Activate “Show the full form”,
Heading: Brief sapiential statement and then search by ID.

How to search for indefinite pronouns in Sapiential texts

Search tab then Brief Sapiential Statement,
Activate “Show the full form”
Formal structure header and then search in the formal structure,
Consult the annotation guide to find out the linguistic label,
Enter PRO.INF in the field,
Click on the “Search” button at the very bottom

How to find the metaphors in a BSS

Search tab then Brief Sapiential Statement,
Activate “Show the full form”,
Formal structure header then Search in Figures of Speech
Select “metaphor” from the scroll-down menu,
Click on the “Search” button at the very bottom.