DÍAZ-MAS Paloma (PU – CSIC – Madrid)

Personal info

Paloma DIAZ-MAS obtained a master’s degree in Romance Philology and in journalism and a doctorate in Philology and Modern and Classical Literature  at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid). She held the position of professor in Spanish and Sephardic literature at the Universidad del País Vasco in Vitoria (Spain); currently, she holds the position of researcher at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Madrid. Her research is mainly on the Judeo-Spanish and Sephardic literature and on Hispanic literature orally transmitted.  She is the author of the book Los Sefardíes: Historia, lengua y cultura (Barcelona: Riopiedras, 1986, many reissues until 2006), translated into English under the title Sephardim: The Jews from Spain (Chicago University Press, 1992 y 2004); of the Romancero anthology (Barcelona: Crítica, 1994, many reissues until 2005) and the publication (with Carlos Mota) of Proverbios morales de don Sem Tob de Carrión (Madrid: Cátedra, 1998). She wrote in collaboration with Cristina de Puente Judaísmo e islam (Barcelona, Crítica, 2007). Currently, she supervises at the CSIC a research project about Identity and Mentalities in Sephardic texts form 18th to 21st century.

Involvement in the project

Encoding don Sem Tob de Carríon’s Proverbios morales (14th C.) with Carlos Mota Placencia.

Publications related to the projet

Judaísmo e islam (en colaboración con Cristina de la Puente), Barcelona, Crítica, 2007.
ISBN: 978-84-8432-766-0

Sephardim. The Jews from Spain,  Chicago-Londres, The University of Chicago Press,  2004 (2ª ed.). ISBN 978-0-226-14484-9

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