Personal Info

Madalina VARTEJANU-JOUBERT teaches as Senior lecturer in the Hebrew department of Inalco. She has a master degree in Ancient History at the University of Bucarest – Rumania (1992-1993) and a doctorate in History and Civilisations (2001). She obtained a grant in 1997-1999 (Hebraic University of Jerusalem and the Ratisbonne Jewish Studies Christian Centre of Jerusalem). From 1993 to 2001, she held  the position of researcher at the Oriental Studies Centre of Bucarest.
Since 2002, M. Vartejanu –Joubert is in charge of research and responsible of the Centre International d’Histoire Religieuse in Paris and researcher at the Gustave Glotz Centre, UMR 8585 (HAMA in 2010). From 2002-2006, she was in charge of teaching at the EHESS (Paris) in the Jewish Studies Centre. She is specialized in Jewish languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) and historic anthropology of Judaism. She is responsible of many projects on history of knowledge and, in particular, the project  “Collections sapientiales dans la Méditerranée”; she organized  conferences on this same topic and published many articles.

Involvement in the Project

Coding the corpus of Pirkei Avot, sapiential treatise from the Mishna.

Publications related to the Project

« Le concept de pouvoir dans le judaïsme : Réflexions sur la Bible comme modèle », Caietele Echinox, Universitatea “Babeş-Bolyai” Cluj vol.12, 2007, p. 142-150

« Mesure et mémoire : L’étude de la tradition à travers l’étude du corps », in Madalina Vârtejanu-Joubert (éd.), Herméneutique et bricolage : Territoires et frontières de la tradition dans le judaïsme, Peter Lang: Bern-Berlin-New-York, 2008, p. 79-96

« The Right Type of Knowledge: Theory and Experience in Two Passages of the Babylonian Talmud » Korot, the Israeli Journal of the History of Medicine and Science, Vol. 19, 2008, p. 161-180

Pensées et mentalités dans la Méditerranée Antique. Mélanges offerts à Francis Schmidt, Brill (avec Christophe Batsch), 2009