CASG (Corpus der Arabischen und Syrischen Gnomologien) :
CASG is supervised by Dr. Ute Pietruschka, who together with her assistants will set up a database containing all available collections of Gnomologia written in Arabic and Syriac. It aims at illuminating the transmission of Syriac and Arabic gnomologia.

HiFoS (Historische Formalhafte Sprache unf Traditionen des Formulierens) :
The project HiFoS (2007-) is supervised by Claudine Moulin and Natalia Filatkina. It aims at a approaching the German language (8th to 17th C.) from a philological and lexicographic perspective. It studies the transmission of proverbs, their sources and definition.

SAWS (Sharing Ancient Wisdom : 2010-2013) :
Supervised by Charlotte Roueché (King’s College), the website was published in Novembre 2013. It constains a database and a library « SAWS Dynamic Library of Wisdom Literatures ». The library makes five annotated texts available to researchers. These are sapiential literature written in Greek and Arabic. The computational methodology used allows to align all related texts or fragments of texts. The project aimed at exploring method to put on-line annotated editions of gnomological manuscripts.