BRIDON Zahia (Doctorante – Université de Lorraine)

Zahia Bridon is a studiant in the Department of Arabic at the Université de Lorraine; She obtained a Maste 2 with a study on the Algerian Chaâbi song. She is going to be part of the PhD program at the Departement of Arabic at the Université de Lorraine, where she will study the Algerian thrillers? She participated in the Conference title: “Fouad Laroui l’humour de l’entre-deux” (October 19-20 2017, Universidad de Lorraine). She is a member of the Aliento project since end of 2017 and her function is to define, translate and annotate several chapters of two Arabic texts: Kitab Adâb al-Falasifa and Mukhtar al-Hikam