Aliento experimental corpus

The experimental core corpus is composed of 9 medieval sapiential texts of variable length:  2 in Arabic, 2 in Hebrew, 3 in Castilian, 1 in Catalan, 1 in Latin. These texts are linked together in the following way: Kitâb adâb al falâsifa is translated into Hebrew under the title of Musre ha-Pilosofim and in Castilian under the title of Libro de los Buenos Proverbios. Mukhtâr al-Hikam wa-Mahâsin al-Kalim is translated in Castilian, Bocados de Oro and in Latin Bonium. Flores de filosofia, in Castilian and Mivhar ha-P’ninim in Hebrew have many common elements with the other works. These works have critical editions and an important scientific apparatus, sometimes also translations in modern languages (cf. bibliographies).