Usefulness of the database

The objective of the open access database is to have:

  • a body of full, annotated and searchable texts with their metadata
  • an annotation methodology set for modeling the BSS in a comparable way,
  • specific annotations of the sense and form of the BSS to be used as research tools,
  • detailed translations of the BSS in English, French and Spanish, the three working languages of the database,
  • a search algorithm meant to bring together the BSS in the texts and establish the possible links.

Such tool should help the specialists of the texts:

  • understand the BSS of the related texts to which they have no access because of language barrier,
  • study the BSS transmission and evolution from one language to another or from one culture to another and from one time period to another (from Ancient times to present day),
  • reassess what we know about the sources used by the authors who have quoted them,
  • elucidate the meaning of certain BSS or of certain metaphors,
  • re-evaluate the role of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages in the transmission and dissemination of the BSS.

It provides computer science researchers with:

  • an enriched multilingual corpus
  • the possibility to use the Aliento annotations to develop derived tools, automatized transliterators and lemmatizers, ontologies, proverb-patterns repertories

It can help a larger public:

  • find out which proverbs or sentences commonly used in present day come from which texts and which epoch
  • understand the meaning of certain proverbs whose usage context has disappeared
  • follow the complex paths that led to our common way of thinking