Annotation related to sense

It comprises 4 levels, from the most literal to the most abstract one, with translations of the studied BSS into the 3 database working languages (French, Spanish, English). These three languages have conveniently developed formalization tools (corpus; lemmatizers; online translators …)

  • literal sense is a very close translation of the brief statement, but not in the form of a loan translation
  • figurative sense, develops the metaphors and gives a well written meaning into the target language. If the BSS is short and its meaning clear, the figurative sense is the same as the literal sense
  • moral lesson, the BSS main teaching, the advice that should be enhanced, the lesson from the synthesized exemplum, the moral or social judgment the BSS conveys, are more abstract. Compared to the 2 preceding levels, this one is a synthesized and conceptual re-formulation
  • keywords. The keywords are essentially conceptual and abstract. They are gathered in a limited list of 354 annotated items, a collectively elaborated tool based on the annotators’ needs. It forms a domanial ontology that can be re-examined. The items are clickable and automatically translated to the other two working languages.


Short sample of the keywords list

An example of labeling the sense of a BSS 

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The annotation of the sense has been used for the elaboration of the search algorithm. The translation in 3 languages disambiguates polysemous terms and homographs.