PSILAKIS Catherine (PRAG – Université de Lyon I)

As a Classicist, I studied Philosophy and Classics at Lyon and Lille Universities. Specialized in Greek Philology, I have been trained in DH for historians and philologists. I have been invited as Visiting Scholar in the Center OF Hellenic Studies of Harvard. As teaching fellow, I teach wide range of courses in Humanities as Reception studies.

I launched on a new project and a seminar about the reception of Ancient Greek and Roman Lawgivers in Rhetoric from different periods (Christian Time, Renaissance and in the Age of Enlightments), a project founded by the GIS Humanités.

As a part of the Aliento project (Analyse Linguistique et Interculturelles des ÉNoncés sapientiels brefs et de leur Transmission Orient/occident/occident/orient), I translated and annotated the chapters devoted Plato and to the dicta of wisemen